I stay idle, except when some idea pops up.
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Source: YouTube

I got YouTube addicted
“My life’s gone”, I predicted
It’s an in-built app in Android
Had it have never been created,
Google’s income would stay near void

How to get rid?
‘Rooting’ is my bid
I contacted a gadgets freak
He said my device may brick

My Redmi is six months old
Actually planned to exchange it after it’s four fold
Will this plan mould?

I phoned my friend
Who’s a developer at backend
‘Buy an iPhone’ – His recommend
“Because here, YouTube isn’t an in-build”
But iPhone is an overspend

But still there’s hope
I immediately made a grope
Over the internet
Never made such an effort as…

Digital Payments

It isn’t a Hyperbole that the World smells Innovation in India’s UPI.

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Source: Bank Bazaar

Firstly, What’s UPI?

UPI abbreviates to Unified Payments Interface. It is a platform that could link to many bank accounts and enables fast money transfer using IMPS (Immediate Payment Service). However, it needs an app to work. It’s way faster than the previous NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer). As it’s online, it’s available 24x7, 365 days.

It’s Origin:

It was launched in 2016 as an initiative by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) with support by the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) and the IBA (Indian Banks Association).

PayTM’s post on Twitter

Until then, people used to use Mobile Wallets like PayTM, Oxigen, Mobikwik, and Freecharge to recharge, and pay bills. People had to recharge their wallets every now and then to ensure there’s sufficient money inside. It was a tedious task. With the UPI platform, people could recharge and pay bills directly from their bank accounts. The sender need not remember the Receiver’s Bank Account number, IFSC Code, Bank name…

PC Optimisation

The Ultimate Speed-Up Guide for your Windows PC

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Source: CCleaner

Me: Wow! It’s a good day. Let’s have some binge.

Or Me: Ach! There’s a lot of work today. Let’s me start it now at least.

A few moments later, The computer staggers…

Frustrated Me: Aargh!! This crazy box thwarts me every time I open it for some purpose! What should I do now?

Inner Cool Me: Don’t panic! You could fix it yourself and most probably succeed.

And I succeeded! Here’s what I’ve personally done, and more.

Brief Contents:

  1. Restart the system.
  2. Change your Power settings
  3. Pause OneDrive sync
  4. Defragment and Optimise Drives
  5. Clean-up Disks
  6. Shut off Windows Tips and tricks
  7. Turn off Wi-Fi Bluetooth when not in…

A Great Comeback after a Great Downfall

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Source: Next Big Brand

Micromax is all set for its comeback, which was a surprise for all of us. Being dormant for an epoch, It plans to Regain its ex-status as the No. 1 Mobile phone Brand in India. With the recent Galwan attack, and the resistance of Indians towards foriegn products, especially Chinese mobiles, the present marks the best time for an Indian company which gone awry, for a comeback.

The Rise of Micromax:

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Source: BusinessLine

A middle-class guy of name Rahul Sharma, who was very eager to do something his country feels proud of, hesitantly borrowed a sum of three lakh rupees from his father, who was a government school teacher. He, along with three of his friends established the company Micromax informatics Ltd. as an IT software company in 2000. That was the beginning of something great that’s gonna happen. …


How it feels when you quit an addiction

I was then in my first grade. There was a strict rule in my school that nails should be trimmed and maintained properly. After a two-month long gap of summer holidays, our school has reopened. We were waiting for the bus to come. I saw my brother biting his nails short with his front teeth. I got to remember that strict rule. I flattered him for that idea and I too bit my nails with my teeth, and that day went fine.

Till then I didn’t even have an idea I could cut-short my nails without the need of a nail-cutter! That feeling when I bite my nails was psychologically making me happy too. I already was a shy nerdy dweeb those days and this habit gave me a sense of stress-busting whenever I felt discomfiture. …

Its cheapest mobile costs tens of iPhones!

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Screenshot from the movie Goutham Nanda on MXPlayer

How I came to know about Vertu:

One day I was watching the movie ‘Goutham Nanda’ where the hero’s family is so insanely rich that his father is featured as one in Top 50 Richest People in the World. For me, all was clear except one – Why was the man still using a Feature phone (of an unknown company Vertu). He could have bought an iPhone made of gold right? (Have a look at the screenshot above)

So I googled the name ‘Vertu’ to know what the mysterious Mobile phone exactly is. Here’s what I have found, which cleared all my doubts.

Firstly, Who founded it?

Vertu was founded by Nokia in 1998, with the intention of giving big shots a shot of luxury in their mobiles. According to The Economist, the concept was to market phones explicitly as fashion accessories, with the idea…

A hack none told you about… and lot more

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Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

Firstly, let’s get some basic knowledge

As you already know, there are two types of cells in our eyes, namely Rods and Cones. These are the photoreceptors, useful in providing easy vision to the eyes in dim light and bright light respectively.

Let’s now talk about the Pupil of the eye, which changes its size based on the light entering in our eye. When it’s dark, it widens to allow more light into the eye, thus helping us see better. When it’s bright, it constricts to allow less light for safe vision. The pupil appears black because it allows almost no light to escape from it.

Going from dark to light:


Have you ever felt like a slacker after wasting all the day or the weekend and feeling scared about the next day?

Do you feel utilising time productively is only for businessmen and not your cup of tea?

(Psst…!! If you feel you’re good at time management, you can skip reading this article because this will fritter your time and you’re already the best!)

Then, You definitely need to try doing Dopamine Fast! Getting into the nitty-gritty details, Dopamine fast is a psychological jargon for a phase of time where you abstain from any experience that gives you instant shot of pleasure (dopamine). These include playing video games, social media, watching TV, futile chatting, binge watching, music, drugs, alcohol and other thingummies.

However, you can do Meditation, Study, help your mom at chores, Exercise, Write a Diary, talk to people personally. …

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Ever since the launch of the iPhone X Series, eSIMs gained a lot of traction in India. People already know that it is something that need not be carried and could be embedded in our phones virtually, but the deep knowledge of it is definitely arcane.

Let me give you a whole understanding of what the Gamechanger actually is.

Firstly, what is a SIM and how does it work?

SIM abbreviates to Subscriber Identity Module. …

Alexander won the world, so he’s called ruler. Had he have won over himself, he’d have been called Master.

Self-Mastery can be claimed as the toughest thing one can accomplish ever. Over the years, people haven’t took it easily. Monks even went to jungles in pursuit of it, yet a very few of them were successful.

What is Self-Mastery?

It is One being able to withstand the current flow in the gushing river of today’s unfortunate happenings, and being able to follow the correct principles of life. Accomplishing it is definitely an uphill battle. People are yet but slaves of wishes.

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Source: GettyImages

How can one achieve Self-Mastery?

By abstaining from all the sensual, short-term pleasures and focusing on the sole goal of life with immense rigour, One can achieve Self-Mastery. It is not as easy as it is said. It comes with immense dedication and craving. …

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