For my university job placements

Writing made me explore my deeper levels of creativity. It arose a perfectionist in me. The platform revealed me how people of other countries talk, write, and feel things.

I met a few in-person before…but I felt nervous to speak as a non-native English speaker. But now, I’m writing my ideas in English and people say they liked it..! The comparison of past & present is really wide.

Every Medium writer – be it…

I thought I went viral

timelapse photography on curved road beside tree
timelapse photography on curved road beside tree
Photo by Shiro hatori on Unsplash


You vowed to yourself not to check stats. Lonely times occurred and you can’t stay without. As usual, you broke the precious promise and unlocked your mobile. Suddenly, you see a spike of 1.3k views for your recent story.

How would you feel?

It happened to me. To be frank, none of my stories went viral. My most viewed story has 2.3k views and I published it long back in October 2020. Yes, there were lucky ones who even got tens of thousands of views in a single day — I call them viralites.

The unexpected viralites say, “My…

Everything looks round.

Windows logo
Windows logo
Source: Microsoft

After 10 long years, Microsoft releases a new version of Windows.

It brings cool UI and UX improvements that concert with our new expectations. Earlier when Windows 10 was released, Microsoft openly said, “This is gonna be the last version of Windows.” They lied.

“Windows 10 is the last version of Windows 10.”

Let’s see what’s new in the first version of Windows 11.

1. Support for Android apps

There was no answer

Photo by Austin Schmid on Unsplash

Where is happiness exactly?

In the sea? On the sky? In the air?

No, it can’t be so accessible.

Where would it be?

In sleep? In my dreams?

No. Sleep needs happiness.

So it couldn’t be in sleep.

I asked everyone.

They said it’s in money, clothes, and fame.

I asked, “Then how are animals happy?”

“They don’t have those three”, they muttered.

“What the Hell!” Should I have them or should I not have them to be happy?

They: …

Me: .

I walked further.

Reached a silent place. There was no one.

Found a person, meditating peacefully at…

Few things I journaled over my journey.

vintage teal typewriter beside book
vintage teal typewriter beside book
Photo by RetroSupply on Unsplash

There are gazillions of posts on the internet. A few of them, I read every day for my inspiration. Most look similar, some crappy, and yes, some are super-great.

  • Few writers posit magic in their words,
  • Some flaunt their skills on Canva,
  • And some gifted dudes sketch their own cartoons.

These skills set their posts apart from the rest, and the readers get an additional reason to love their posts. And that’s creativity.

Creativity isn’t taught at school. Some lucky people get it by birth and some acquire it through their experiences. …

The bonus tip might help you

Man in Red Polo Shirt Thought a Good Idea
Man in Red Polo Shirt Thought a Good Idea
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The fortunate thing with Medium is, it has lot of in-built readership. People pay $5 to read your pieces. How nice?

That is why we ignore SEO visibility on Medium, and it’s okay. If you ask a Wordpress blogger, he’ll tell you the value of SEO, because he has to rely only on SEO for money.

Medium already has ‘High domain authority’ (95 according to Moz). So your blog is ranked higher on Google than blogs with similar content on Wordpress or other private sites. You don’t need SEO to get curated, you know this. …


Now I’d like to “eat” that half-Apple 

Image from Apple

Apple always keeps its promises.

The recent WWDC 21 has gave us a glimpse of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, MacOS Monterey, and WatchOS 8. Every WWDC, they make it seem there’s nothing more a smartphone user could get. And again in the next WWDC, they repeat, “This, is the best iPhone ever!”, “This is an amazing update”.

Bringing up to code for the contemporary needs, every year, Apple introduces truly productive features which just make the residents of Apple nation patriotic for their brand.

Here I’d like to put 7 of the best features we’ll be getting in the upcoming…

Ever wondered?

man sitting beside side table
man sitting beside side table
Photo by Emre Alırız on Unsplash

We mistakenly assume CEOs of famous companies are already rich, and that they don’t need to cudgel their brains for anything. Yes, in the blink of an eye, their worth increases by thousands of dollars.

But in reality, they work relentlessly to preserve their status and their company’s status in the Top lists. Contrary to the popular belief, a CEO’s life isn’t full of private jets, royal dining, and costly suits. Their job is full of responsibility and accountability.

Being a CEO is at least twice as hard as the next hardest position in a company.

– Auren Hoffman: CEO…

And yes, he thoroughly enjoyed his life

Image via Wikimedia Commons

The heaviest person ever recorded in the history was Jon Brower Minnoch, who weighed 1,400 lb (635 kg). However, he has a chance to blame the contemporary lifestyle of fast food and binge.

Here I’ll tell you about the fattest person alive in the early modern period, who only had himself (reportedly) to blame.

Brief description for your curiosity:

He is Mr. Daniel Lambert (1770–1809) renowned as the fattest man in England in his era.

He weighed 700 lbs (320 kg) when he received the title ‘The fattest man in England’ in 1805 surpassing the previous guy Edward Bright. …

Nikhil Vemu

Pre-final year undergraduate. Cadet at National Cadet Corps, 🇮🇳. Meditator @ Heartfulness. Writes mostly on Tech, Self-Improvement & History.

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