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pink pig figurine on white surface
pink pig figurine on white surface
Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash (Edited by the author)

Ever heard of Thingspeak? That’s our cloud today.

Did you ever want to store data (letter, word, sentence, paragraph, or even a full book) in a cloud and retrieve it at any point?

Here, I tell you the easiest way I discovered for the job. It just contains few lines of Python code.

What do you need?

I’ll first tell you how we’ll do it.

That’s it!


After Python is installed

It still remains a mystery to the humanity

Krishna’s Butterball, Mahabalipuram, India
Krishna’s Butterball, Mahabalipuram, India
Photo from flickr under Creative Commons license

Have you ever tried balancing on one leg? What’s the longest time you did that? I’m sure it’s less than a minute.

But do you know that a 250-ton Boulder has been balancing itself on a miraculously tiny base of a slippery slope for thousands of years?

Let’s demystify its origin, science, and the so-called supernatural force that’s putting it in place.

📍 Where is it located?

The huge rock is located in the historical port city of Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu state of South India.

🗿 The Structure of the Rock.

The rock is the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) of rocks.

It’s approximately six meters high and five meters wide, weighing…


I would prefer doing a three-minute plank instead

Man in Black Crew Neck T-short and Black Pants Sitting on Black Chair
Man in Black Crew Neck T-short and Black Pants Sitting on Black Chair
Photo by Eugene Capon from Pexels

I’m an avid runner. I got trained in army for the last three years, and it improved my running skills pretty well.

Let me tell you. There’s another category in runners – ‘The treadmill runners’. I’m certainly not one of them, but the lockdown demanded me to become so.

Now there’s something I really want to share with you about that machine.

Treadmill running follows Newton’s third law

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

The belt fiercely moves back, and you equally move front, making you relatively just stay in the same position. If you try to disobey his law, you say, “Ouch! I’m…


Most stories aren’t curated

Image from freepik

It feels satisfying to share our most viewed stories with the audience. Also, it’s the best idea to share the collection of most viewed, or curated stories when you have no ideas to write about.

Here I put my most viewed stories in my one-year of Medium career.

Story #1:

Vertu: The Costliest Mobile Brand. What’s So Special?

Views:        1.6k
Curated? Yes
Reading Time: 19 hr 35 min

I wrote this story in October 2020, when I observed a mobile of the brand name ‘Vertu’ with the hero in the movie Goutham Nanda. I researched and came to know it’s the costliest mobile brand!

“Definitely most people wouldn’t know this.”…

Anger Management

Anger is a good slave but a bad master

Closeup of a black hand in fist
Closeup of a black hand in fist
Image from freepik

Anger.. A bugbear emotion!

Sometimes, it helps you get things done, and sometimes, you’re only left with your anger with no fruit. Either ways, it leaves you a lot exhausted than before.

It feels satisfying to obsessively annoy people when we’re angry, despite knowing it’s wrong. We end up in regret for the wrongdoings in that moment. We lose relationships, respect, peace of mind, and fortune with anger.

It has been a dreaded emotion people have been fighting and trying to get rid everyday for centuries together. Yet, it’s still prevailing in the society.

Let’s not be a Roman in…

Sometimes, all I needed was a little break.

person lying on chair and facing on body of water
person lying on chair and facing on body of water
Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

Since last year May, I was writing. Writing. And writing.

Restlessness. Headaches. Comparison. Competition. Curation. Pride. Appreciation: A cycle that continued for a year of my life.

As I already wrote in my second piece, I am an NCC cadet. Meaning, a university student in India voluntarily undergoing military training for physical and mental fitness.

It’s a three-year-long training. Luckily, Covid ate up the last whole year. So we were called only for five days of training and two days of final certificate exams last week. Totally seven days.

I was bewildered.

I wasn’t ready to quit my writing habit…

It still carries its stature today.

iPhone XR is currently the least expensive iPhone that has Face ID, full screen, and dual-SIM capability.

If you’re planning to get an iPhone now, switching from Android, I would highly recommend going for iPhone XR. It would awe you as a new iOS user. Even if you’re upgrading from older iPhones, you could go for XR, for it’s features aren’t too inferior to the latest iPhones.

Why isn’t XR a phone that should be kicked with your left boot in 2021?

🔋 Battery Life:

iPhone XR provides you 16 hours of Video playback and 65 hours of Audio playback, and that’s pretty…

We’re actually fed up with unlimited internet.

photo of outer space
photo of outer space
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

I still remember those days when we used to go to a nearby recharge shop, buy a 100 Mb internet card, add it to our data plan, and eke out the meagre internet for a whole month.

The card costed about 25 rupees (~$3.1/GB). The internet was 3G and it was so dead slow that it took half an hour to download one 5 Mb song.

(Al)Most of the people those days didn’t have Facebook, they have never binged on YouTube. If they really wanted to surf the internet, they went to net cafes.

That was the condition of India…

Make your way to happier life

black corded telephone
black corded telephone
Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

Devices and gadgets are literally EVERYTHING today. Can we imagine today’s world without them?

As of 2019, we’re 7.6 Billion in number, with each person carrying 3.5 internet devices with him. Totally 26.66 Billion devices, with 127 new IoT devices being added every second! That is insane.

There’s no way we could escape from the radiation aura all our life. However, there are ways we could minimise our exposure to it:

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