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A great innovation, but a bugbear

Since 2007 to present, many features have come and gone in mobiles. Examples: 3.5 mm jack, notch, slimmer bezels, multiple cameras… Now, it isn’t the time to increase decorations on a phone, it’s time we decrease them. The lesser, the better.

Hence why Apple seems to be bringing a portless iPhone this year. The absence of a charger plug-in iPhone 12 box makes it more evident.

Let’s start with John Prosser’s tweet

John Prosser, a famous YouTuber, a well-known feature predictor and leaker of phones in near future, correctly predicted the iPhone SE 2020 way before its launch. …

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Photo by CardMapr on Unsplash

Good news: It could be disabled

Gone are the days when you had to swipe, wait, enter your PIN, and then have your pizza in your hands. By that time, you couldn’t resist your mouth-watering. No? Then you don’t love pizza.

Here comes Visa’s no-contact payment feature. It undoubtedly made payer’s lives lot easier. Payments are super easy. Just tap your card on the machine and you’re good to go!

Firstly, what does a magnetic strip contain?

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Photo from The Whit Online. Credit: James Duncan Davidson

The richest man smells privacy issues

Elon Musk, who’s widely known for his productivity and technology, just gave a free advice to all the twitterati. He tweeted simply “Use Signal”, which raised curiosity in many. Here’s what Signal actually is, and why Elon Musk advised everyone to prefer Signal over the Facebook-owned WhatsApp.

Firstly, what’s Signal?

Signal is just a casual texting app that can be found in app marketplaces. It was launched in 2014, when Marlinspike, the founder-CEO of Signal, merged his two older apps TextSecure and Redphone created exclusively for texting and voice calls respectively.

To our surprise, Signal’s co-founder Brain Acton is also the co-founder of WhatsApp. …

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Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

Don’t lower the self-worth of your inner writer. Instead, focus on improving yourself.

When I started writing on Medium, I wasn’t much aware of the stats page. I was just feeling good, gratifying, and satisfying when I post something and share it to my acquaintances.

Fast forward to present…

I’m taking pressure. Pressure to stand at par with unknown peers at Medium.

This is what I do regularly:

Write, publish and immediately hit stats, and refresh it like the button pops out. Maybe my subconscious mind expects I would go Medium-viral in a moment… Or it would be a super-curated story… Or my stats spike like hell. Who knows? It can become true. …

There’s a lot to learn from man’s best friend

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Photo by Marliese Streefland on Unsplash

Over the centuries, dogs have evolved to co-exist and proved their loyalty towards humans. Despite them having lower brain capacity and intelligence than us, they subconsciously possess great qualities that humans could inculcate in themselves.

Here are mentioned some of the best qualities I observed in my pet dog Bibo.

1. It has a lot of faith:

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Genuinely Android-killer features

iOS 14 has been the most awaited and satisfying OS ever released by Apple. It ushered in many significant changes to Apple devices. A totally revamped picture appears in the latest update.

Though iOS 14 is claimed as a light weight OS, it still comprises a variety of features no other OS has ever provided. Here are some of the features that made me simply awestruck, as a new iOS user.

1. Back Tap:

My publication — Exclusively to deliver Newsletters

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Photo by John Hoang on Unsplash

Being from India, I don’t have the facility of earning money from my articles. All my articles I’m writing are just like my hobby, and they don’t earn me money.

When I first started writing an article, I just had in mind — “It was lockdown and was boring. So, let’s write something.” I didn’t expect by this time I would have over 30 Articles written by me, and 5 of them are curated as of now!

This was what I did, and what my knowledge was, about writing articles on Medium.

  1. I first thought Medium was just a website to scribble something and sharing links to friends and family. …

And what’s so special about ‘Au’? Why not ‘Fe’?

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Photo by Dmitry Demidko on Unsplash

History: Physical Gold

The Origin of Gold as Currency:

Despite there being hundreds of elements in the Periodic table, we’ve been only considering the element with symbol ‘Au’ as a form of Currency for Thousands of years. The reason being —

You wouldn’t expect your Currency to be an element that’s volatile, explosive, or radioactive, or a gas, or something that smells bad, or something that would swell or explode when you spill water over it, or something that would cause allergy on your hands.

Or something that you would find when you break stones in your backyard, or something that’s only on Mars, or something that would dissolve in water, or something that resembles any other metal… Considering these, People in the olden days have decided to consider Gold as exchangeable currency. …

A University student who accidentally discovered he could write

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Little Intro:

Hey Everyone! I’m Vemu Nikhil, a University student and an NCC Cadet. I live in a Town of name Mancherial in Telangana, India.

I am a 19 year old guy currently studying B.Tech third year in Vellore Institute of Technology, also called VIT University, Vellore.


Since my childhood, I used to be very curious, about everything. Be it animals, birds, trees, vehicles, electronics, chemicals… Whenever I come across something interesting, I immediately wanted to Google it, and know more about it.

I still remember that day when my uncle gifted me an Electronics kit, after knowing my interest on them. I made Water & Fire alarms, LED Patterns and showed it off to every guest who visited my house. …

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