Why do Taxi Drivers of Famous Companies prefer Cash Payment over Digital Payment? And Many More.

Let’s look from their perspective.

My terrible experience in Hyderabad:

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I went to Hyderabad for my internship in an Electronics company. There, I stayed with my brother. Everyday, I need to travel 9 km to reach my office. So, I book an Auto Rickshaw for my other roommate and me, so we could go together.

The first day, we thought we could reach office by 9:30 if we start by 9:00. We booked an Auto and have paid the amount 153 rupees from a Virtual wallet. He arrived, and asked us if our payment would be cash or prepaid. We replied, “Prepaid”.

He said, “I’m sorry. I couldn’t take you there if you’ve already paid the amount online.” He continued, “I’ll just cancel the trip. And I’ll take you there for 160 rupees. Okay?”

I didn’t like it. I thought what the problem was if I pay it online? I rejected his ride. And asked him to cancel the trip himself (He has to lose 15 rupees for that!). Another Auto was automatically assigned to us and same thing happened with him too. Again the third time too!

We lost interest on getting another auto again as it’s getting late. We accepted the deal. He cancelled the trip himself and was ready to take us there for 160 rupees.

Meanwhile I asked him,

Bhaiyya! Why do you prefer cash payments over prepaid payments. What’s wrong with paying in advance?”

I got the answer.

The Taxi companies give the drivers their money 1 week after the ride. So if they give a ride on Monday, the prepaid amount will be credited to them by the next Monday. I wonder if they invest the money or put them in fixed deposits for a week to gain more profits.

They subtly force the customers by giving UPI, Credit card, Wallet offers and make them pay by Prepaid method only. So, the customers would prefer Digital over cash payments, which is exactly what’s needed by the Companies to make extra profits.

Let’s do the analysis (out of curiosity):

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I sometimes deposit my money in Paytm FD. So, I have a good idea about it. Paytm provides fixed deposit facility in collaboration with Indusind Bank. It gives 7% interest for 12 months. I did the math. So, we get the basic 1 rupee in one week when you add 800 rupees.

So, the company earns 1 rupee for every 800 rupees a customer pays via Digital payment, if we consider a 7% interest fixed deposit account.

This may be the basic profit. If the company invests somewhere, it may earn more profits. Just imagine how much it earns by depositing lakhs or crores it earns everyday!

“When you get 3 crores profit, give away 1 crore as incentive to your employees. You still have 2 crores. You may lose a crore, but you win loyality of your employees” — Daaji

Untold stories of drivers:

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The one week policy isn’t a good thing. Many drivers of these companies aren’t assured of the next day or next week i.e., they have no idea how their near future is gonna be. They come from villages in search of money, giving up their caste’s main job, which we call ‘kula vrutthi’ in Telugu. For examples:

  • Mangali – Hair cutting.
  • Goud – Climbing palm trees, obtaining and selling the fruits and toddy.
  • Achari – Carpentry and Metal working.

Many farmers give up their way of life i.e., Agriculture, take loan to buy a bike or auto rickshaw, and become riders in Taxi companies. These taxi companies, treat them according to their ratings, give target rides for a specific period and put them under constant pressure.

They aren’t gonna give Insurance for their lives or even minimising interests for their vehicle loans. (Life insurance is provided for them, only if they have met with an accident, but not for other reasons. Read Conclusion point 4 for a solution, in my opinion.)

The drivers constantly live hoping their road fate that day would be in their favour. Else, they’re gone, leaving abject misery in their families remembering them in their villages. Because traveling on roads isn’t a safe game.

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All this doesn’t mean the Taxi drivers who aren’t registered in Companies are happy! Due to the high traction service and price of the Taxi companies, people are preferring Company taxis more often than private Auto rickshaws. This leaves both the registered and non registered Taxi drivers unsatisfied with the money and customers they’re getting. Some amendment to the companies’ and government’s policies is needed to help these superheroes who’re risking their lives to help people reach their destinations.

Their constant exposure to EMF:

Due to the popular “Live GPS tracking” and immediate call and chat answer services of taxi companies, the drivers are always exposed to Bluetooth, Mobile data and GPS frequencies.

This is the reason for their frequent headaches. Science proves that these frequencies interfere with the quiet brain waves and badly disorient them in the long run. This is a case where we can’t help them.

“Advancement isn’t much in multiplying the existing devices. It’s much in reducing the harm being caused by them.”

Illegal White plate taxis in Hyderabad:

As claimed by Mr. Shaik Salauddin, National General Secretary, there are about 20–25k private white plate taxis in Hyderabad alone. Usually, Yellow plate taxis aren’t allowed to reach upto the ramp of Airport.

But these illegal taxis deceive the Airport authorities, and transport the customers up till the ramp. The cab companies complain about this because this declines customers’ interest in choosing their cabs for the International Airport.

My verdict:

No controversies please… All this article is about my conversation with the Taxi driver and my research on the internet.

Finally, what I hope from the Taxi companies in the near future is, They should:

  1. Give the drivers their money as soon as you receive them. They have many other ways to gain profits.
  2. Provide them life insurance, not only for road accidents.
  3. Provide them more flexibility in paying interests for their vehicle loans.
  4. Make the drivers choose to write a bond for a specific number of years, to provide extra benefits. Because they’ll be sure the drivers would stay with them.
  5. Airport authorities could consider taxi passengers’ comfort and allow them till the ramp. It’s okay if they demand some extra payment.

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University Student | NCC Cadet | Hobby Writer | Curious Experimenter | 🇮🇳

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