Clever tricks Companies play to make you spend more

Hello folks! Do you love shopping? Yes? Have you ever ended up in spending more money than you’ve actually planned for? Do you think companies conduct Flash sales, Mega cashback offers and other dopamine-raising sales, because they love you? Then you’re got by them. Literally.

Let’s take a supermarket for example. Have you ever found windows or clocks there? You’ll not find them. Because they never allow you to know when it’s already dark or it’s too late so easily. The clocks they sell too don’t have the correct time set. So that you can happily do your shopping without heeding time. Of course in a big supermarket, you don’t like to open your phone.

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Things that are appealing to children, like Kinder Joy, Chocos, chocolates, toys are kept in the down racks because children can easily grab them and somehow convince their parents to buy them. And some small chocolates and other items are kept near the billing counters so that you can grab them at the last minute.The daily home needs are arranged at the last corner so that you should go all the way checking out all their attractive items on the way.

You’ve already experienced these many times before. Now you have understood why.

You’ve been to any one of McDonald’s, Dominos, KFC, Burger King, right? Do you know the smell you find inside the shop is mostly artificial? Yes, it is.

Now tell me one common thing among them.

All are fast-food joints.”

Correct. But that wasn’t what I expected. Anything else?”

Alright. I’ll tell you. The RED COLOUR in their logos. Coincidence? Of course not. It’s a marketing strategy with psychological manipulation. Yellow is also found in some of their logos and almost all of their foods. Scientists believe both of these colours have the ability to encourage customers to eat. Yellow is a symbol of happiness, excitement and cheer while Red, the most attention-seeking colour, makes us feel warm, loved and comfortable.

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Bryan Allison from Las Vegas, NV, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Combination of both of these colours increases the metabolism rate and makes the customers and pedestrians feel they’re more hungry than they really are, and they eat more.

Imagine a fast-food joint logo with light blue, pink, and violet in it. Does it appeal to you? I don’t think so.

Price tags do play an important role. They are not only to indicate the price of that particular item but also to make the item appear cheaper than it actually is.

Have you ever wondered why the price tag on a sugar packet shows ₹59.99 when they can directly write ₹60.00? Because our brains perceive the former as a lot cheaper than the latter. This is called the left-digit effect. We perceive ₹59.99 is nearer to ₹50 or ₹59 than ₹60, and we buy it finally for ₹60 only.

All the iPhone users out there! You may have bought the latest low-budget iPhone for $999. Won’t you have a second thought if he sells the same iPhone increased by one more dollar i.e, $1000? But you’ll still buy it because it’s an iPhone, but I’m regarding about the second thought.

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BrokenSphere, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Now coming to our favourite UPI app, Google Pay. Google is one of many companies which analyse the customer’s mindset and make him a puppet of theirs. Examples include Youtube’s algorithm, news in the Google app, personalised ad recommendations and many more.

Gpay tops the list of the most used UPI payment apps in India. It rewards users with random scratch cards and made many addicted to them. So, majority of the people, when they have to pay ₹150, ₹500 or more, use Gpay only. Google is successful in making it so.

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Photo by Hoang Le on Unsplash

Most of the times, I get “Better luck next time” from the scratch card. But one fine day, when I paid 150 rupees to my friend for getting me a Biriyani, I received 783 rupees! That day, my joy knew no bounds. I literally jumped around. And I continued using that app for the next 4 months for all my transactions. But I hardly got 50 rupees cashback for all of them, disappointing me every time.

Google pay gives random cashbacks but not assured cashbacks for UPI transactions, if you have observed it. This is the secret behind its success. People get attracted to random rewards and lotteries more than assured rewards.

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Proving this, in the 1950’s, BF Skinner, a famous psychologist, conducted an experiment on rats. He trained them to press a lever whenever they’re hungry, which would give them similar sized food pellets every time. After they got acquainted with the process, he introduced another lever in the cage which would give random sized pellets or no pellet sometimes. The pellets may be bigger or smaller than the regular pellets. And all the rats went mad over the randomized lever only. They started pressing that lever whenever they’re hungry, forgetting the first lever.

Google understood that the human mind gets more dopamine in the suspense and anticipation of the rewards than the reward itself. Now you understand why you too have gone crazy at least once over the scratchcards offered by Gpay.

I gave my friend a one rupee coin as a token of gratitude for recharging my mobile. He rejected it. He got a cashback of 1 rupee and I could see a smile on his face. Is the app maker much friendlier to him? — Quote by my inner sarcacist

Last but not the least of the marketing strategies are the credit card rewards.

Credit cards, of course attract many savvy shoppers because they can pay forgetting the idea of repayment at the moment. Spending hard cash makes people aware of their expenses. But credit cards make spendthrifts unaware of how much they’re spending and get their heads rotating at the month-end.

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That’s it guys. All this lengthy article briefly explains to you to be careful while spending. Remember, it’s your hard-earned money you’re spending. Never get hooked to the jaw-dropping offers and rewards. The companies don’t love you. They’re just doing their own business, in a better way these days. Every time you feel you get tempted by a company, just stop there, remind yourself that it’s their marketing strategy. Don’t fall for them. Get your work done and silently go off. Don’t waste precious time thinking of them later.

Thank you all for reading my article. Hope this increased your knowledge in the clever marketing strategies by companies.

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