Six Purchases I’ve Made In 2022 — That Actually Changed My Life

High ROI investments my future self is already thanking me for.

Nikhil Vemu


Red shopping bag
Photo by Phu Dinh on Unsplash

After getting my first job, my spending habits have completely changed.

I replaced cheap, frequent purchases like daily junk food, futile subscriptions, with bit-expensive, infrequent, and high-ROI purchases.

Here are 6 purchases I’ve made in 2022 — that actually changed my life.

An Apartment flat ($115,000)

An apartment flat under construction
Carpentry work is going on (Image by the author)

No sooner than I received my first salary, I purchased an apartment flat on loan.

House loans are tax exempted here. So I could save a lot of money while slowly owning the flat month-by-month.

Here in India, people won’t care about your bank balance, phone, car, or investments. All it matters is whether you own a house (and gold), or not.

House = status symbol here.

Also, with an own house, I

  • have no landlord,
  • have independence (I can do anything in my house),
  • benefit from real estate gains,
  • get respect from Indian uncles :)

An Electric cycle ($695)

Herolectro F6i E-Bike — Black
Credit: Hero Lectro

I first saw an electric cycle in a YouTube ad. Before that, I didn’t even know they exist.

Impressed by its looks, I researched their website on how reliable and functional those cycles are. And I was convinced they’re awesome.

So instead of a motor vehicle, I got myself an electric cycle — Hero Lectro F6i — for city commuting.

Why I find it useful?

  • I have negligible carbon footprint.
  • I can use it for both commuting and workout purposes.
  • I’m no longer annoyed by traffic jams.