PC Optimisation

Make your Windows 10 faster with these 32 Tips

The Ultimate Speed-Up Guide for your Windows PC

Nikhil Vemu
14 min readNov 13, 2020


Me: Wow! It’s a good day. Let’s have some binge.

Or Me: Ach! There’s a lot of work today. Let’s me start it now at least.

A few moments later, The computer staggers…

Frustrated Me: Aargh!! This crazy box thwarts me every time I open it for some purpose! What should I do now?

Inner Cool Me: Don’t panic! You could fix it yourself and most probably succeed.

And I succeeded! Here’s what I’ve personally done, and more.

Brief Contents:

  1. Restart the system.
  2. Change your Power settings
  3. Pause OneDrive sync
  4. Defragment and Optimise Drives
  5. Clean-up Disks
  6. Shut off Windows Tips and tricks
  7. Turn off Wi-Fi Bluetooth when not in use
  8. Clear Temporary files
  9. Close programs consuming Excessive RAM
  10. Turn off Startup apps
  11. Disconnect peripherals
  12. Update windows
  13. Uninstall unnecessary programs
  14. Disable ‘Hey Cortana’
  15. Exit programs that are not required
  16. Turn some Windows features off
  17. Turn off Background apps
  18. Empty Recycle Bin
  19. Remove Corrupted files
  20. Perform System Maintenance
  21. Turn on fast start-up
  22. Increase Virtual Memory
  23. Turn off search indexing
  24. Scan for Malware
  25. Remove Unused Browser extensions
  26. Disable Touchpad if you use an External mouse
  27. Use ReadyBoost
  28. Disable Transparency
  29. Disable Shadows, Animations, and Visual Effects
  30. Upgrade hardware: Add SSD, RAM, and Graphics Card
  31. Use a CPU Cooling Fan