How comfort ruined people’s health — Physically and Mentally

Readers! Tell me some good qualities you or any of your friends possess. Let me guess. They could be something like waking up early, maintaining a good physique, studying well, playing outdoor games, having a fixed daily routine, sleeping at the right time etc… right?

But these were ordinary things of the past, aren’t they? Those days, people used to wake up early, offer their prayers, go to school kilometers away by walk or cycle, run a lot, which in turn gave them a healthy physique, without even thinking of it. They used to have no deviations. So, they used to study properly, they had a fixed daily routine, and they used to sleep well, without even knowing what sleeplessness means.

Those days, people used to go to schools, offices, and nearby places by cycle or by walk only. They get it fixed in their minds that the place would be about 6 kilometers away, for example, so they would take about 45 minutes to reach there. And they prepare for that. To make a phone call, they had to wait at least 4 hours and to send a mail and get a reply, they may had to wait for 10 days! So they already had programmed “patience” in their minds.

They only way they could stare at a screen is by watching a black and white movie in a theatre. And they were at least 5 meters away from the screen. And not everybody could afford a TV too. At weekends, some rich people in the villages used to bring their TV out and all the villagers used to gather around to enjoy some movie. My father told this to me. Those days, they didn’t have personal computers, cell phones to use whenever they wanted to.

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Those days, the extra-ordinary things were having a TV, having a feature phone, having a car, having an AC, going to foreign countries etc…

You see, these became common today. Those days, people used to get awed by these things and used to give a lot of respect for people who possessed these. Now, almost everyone have these.

Now think. Are we really happy? Are we advancing or degrading? Are we really enjoying the reality of life as much as people in olden days have done? NO!!!

We take a vehicle even to get a packet of sugar from a shop down the lane. Because we can’t walk. We are becoming weak. We like to show off our possessions. That became our life force. We don’t like sweat. We can’t live without AC.

Comfort has first started making our lives a bit easier. That, now, slowly became a necessity. Mobile phones first made people who were miles away, a click away. Developments came. Social media came. All for our benefit only. It could be a good servant, but a bad master. We allowed it to take us in like ‘Venom’. Now, we can’t even live without it.

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jennybento from Jackson Heights, usa, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

A new word was coined. Nomophobia. Meaning, NO MObile PHOne phoBIA. Our generation, not aware of its presence, definitely has it.

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We check our mobile phone even in bed before sleeping. Now, tell to yourself. Did you anytime feel happy after putting your phone aside after scrolling through social media on the bed? I guess it’s a No. If it’s Yes, then really happy. No one will stop you. You can use it. But remember, the bluelight from your mobile phone makes your brain think that it’s day (not night) and the brain halts the secretion of the sleep-inducing hormone “Serotonin” and this causes dryness of eyes and sleeplessness. You’re ready? Use it.

Let’s test ourselves out. Many times, you roam around your house when you have no work. Suppose, at that time, you found your phone idle on the sofa. What would you do?

Tell the answer to yourself.

Those days, everyone used to be physically fit, as I have already told you. Strength used to be a basic quality of a male and endurance used to be a basic quality of a female. People used to play outdoor games, carry water cans from a distance and did many other works. Their daily chores at home demanded strength. Now, everything became automatic and made our lives easier. So, strength became a thing of the gym-goers, players, but not everyone’s thing. Strength became a thing to show-off.

Now, the games we play just need our fingers. We play games like PUBG, Sniper 3D, Free Fire etc… Some even waste their money on virtual costumes to show them off before other players. They take it as a great thing. But see it from a broader perspective. You know how unfortunate it is.

I remember one thing our ANO sir told us one day in one of our NCC sessions. He gave us a simple method to find out whether a teenager plays mobile games and to estimate how much time he plays them.

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Let’s take example of yourself only. Now do this. Stretch your hands perpendicular to your body, open your palm. Wait and watch. Are your hands/fingers shaking? By how much?

This indicates whether you play games or not, and the amount of time you play. This test would be done in Army training too.

In olden days, people used to join a company for a job and most of them used to serve the same company till their retirement. My grandfather worked in Singareni Collieries for 42 years! That was the only company he worked in. Finally after his retirement, he enjoyed the rest of his life with full health. Now, people change their companies once every two or three years, because the other company offers them more package. People aren’t bothering about the work pressure they’re taking up for money. They think — more package, more happy. They work overnights, they take the pressure, they develop sleeplessness, their biological clock changes, their food habits change… everything changes. All for money. I wonder what they do with their money. It would be sufficient for their hospital bills for the health issues they develop in the long run.

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Most people work for packages, but none at least try to enjoy their life. Enjoyment here, I refer to the ‘real’ enjoyment. That’s a lot beyond the enjoyment we think of. Happiness in reality doesn’t depend upon the package. It depends on how well you respect your body and life along with your job.

The same applies to the people who go to foreign countries for a software job. Most don’t really enjoy their lives. They’re always under pressure. Here, their parents boast before everyone about their son/daughter. Everyone thinks, “Wow! Prakashji’s son is working in Microsoft in the US. What a great son he has!”. These employees, even if they want to come back to India resigning the job, they can’t come. Because they don’t want to lessen themselves before their neighbours in India. Remember… Even after you resign, or god forbid, even after you die, the company still develops like the same and there will be no much difference. You are just 1 in 1000 for them. But you are the only one for you and your family. So, love yourselves first, then your company next.

I see some people who look pleasant before they join a software company. While joining, they look good and happy. Their parents look proud. After 10 years of experience, I see them. They become obese, they develop dark circles and you name it, they have it. But they still have a huge handsome salary. Do you think the money is at the cost of the changes?

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Photo by ahmad gunnaivi on Unsplash

Concluding, I hope you’ve understood how things have reversed over in the past few years. Sometimes, I feel sticking on to olden days’ attitudes is better. Because we aren’t gaining anything now in this fast culture. Let’s see where this takes us to, or let’s change our attitudes NOW. We will all get a good job, but at the same time, let’s take care of ourselves too. Let’s exercise regularly, let’s try to sleep and wake up early, let’s try not to change our god-given biological clock. Let’s stay happy in reality.

PS:- By naming the software industry work culture, please don’t misunderstand my article. Without the software guys, I wouldn’t even have been able to write this article on Medium platform. What I meant was, they must take care of their health too along with their wonderful packages. The family life and the children’s growth in the family, concerns of family life, responsibilities are also to be taken care whereby harmony at home keeps us happy, focused, and joyful. It is after all they say “Health is Wealth”. Thanks for reading!

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