How reducing wireless (especially IoT) devices in your vicinity improves your health

In recent times, we’ve been coming across these things like Smart homes, IoT enabled automation, easy wireless devices. These are becoming more and more popular. It is evident that the engineers and scientists are working very hard to bring these devices to the markets. The peoples’ choices too are making it a very hard thing for the people behind the devices.

People are demanding devices that are easily portable, light in weight, versatile, user-friendly, and those which could work when operated from any part of this world. This needs a lion’s share participation of big data analysis, cloud maintenance, machine learning, natural language processing, and many other things.

Everywhere we see, we could find wireless devices. The best examples are mobile phones and laptops. To this list, recently being added are Goggles, Smart assistants like Echo Dot, Google Nest, T-shirts, Neckbands, Earpods. Digging in still further, we could even find Fridges, AC’s, TV’s, Shoes, belts which are IoT enabled.

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Before 10 years, had you have left your home on a vacation forgotten to switch off a light, or a fan, the whole vacation, you would be wondering about the figure in your current bill. Things aren’t like that anymore. IoT!!! Nevermind about the appliances in your home. Automate your devices to do anything you want. Like keeping hot water ready in your bucket, toast bread, switch on the AC, even before you return home.

Keeping all the advantages aside, researches claim that usage of these devices could lead to health hazards to you and your family. In the short term, these could be fun and enjoyable. But in the long term, these, very badly damage your health without your awareness.

For these devices to work, you need to keep your Wifi router constantly switched on. The low-frequency modulation signals from the routers impact your mind in a bad way. Animal studies have revealed that exposure to Wi-fi signals for long periods messes with your brainwaves. As a result, the mid-term and long-term effects are: You’ll find it harder to sleep, you can’t focus, you develop anxiety-like behaviour.

As it obviously increases your screentime, your eyes get strained. More dangerously, when we’re exposed to electromagnetic frequencies for longer periods, we observe lower testosterone levels, increased cell death, and DNA damage, and various other kinds of reproductive system damages.

There are many many diseases and health issues people develop from high usage of these devices. However, many people don’t have awareness of what these signals could do to their health. Operating appliances with a single click from where you sit seems cool. Listening to music seems cool. Listening to music with wireless equipment seems cooler.

Bluetooth is another radiation most people get constantly exposed to. We use it to pair our watch, earpods, neckbands, mouse to our mobile phones. This too causes serious health issues almost the same as those caused by Wifi signals.

Have you ever experienced headache while using Bluetooth headsets? I have experienced it. And it’s not experienced while using wired headsets if you have observed. Here, the effects caused by Bluetooth are so evident. If an immediate headache is the immediate effect, imagine the long-term causes caused by it!

These IoT devices are being used to monitor the health parameters of elderly people. These make the job of a doctor easy and became essential these days. Here, something happens like a recursion loop in Java. Things which monitor health in turn damage it. They can’t be totally eliminated anyway. So, they should be minimised to the dire necessity.

Once, in a Q&A session, Shri Kamlesh D. Patel, global spiritual guide — Heartfulness way of meditation, who is also an author and a pharmacist by profession, was asked, “What is the reason for stress and other diseases increasing in society?”.

He replied, “… Now, the field of mental development is an even more complex phenomenon. It is not dependent on one factor; there are many factors that come together and change the personality, especially the outer environment, including the family environment. One of the main reasons is the unnecessary exposure to radiation we have given to children. If a child cries you give them a phone to play with, to listen or watch something. Slowly the child will put the cell phone in their mouth too. It is a proven fact in science that Wi-fi, Bluetooth and other types of radiation from the phone affect the development of the frontal cortex of the brain. At such a tender age, if the frontal cortex develops even by 2 mm less, then billions of cells will be lost; so what will be the condition of the child?

We asked children to do an experiment: To grow moong sprouts in 4 different cups, 10 grams in each with a little water to enable them to sprout, all exposed to the same environmental conditions except that all cups were kept in separate rooms. One cup was in a room with Wi-fi, one with Bluetooth, on with an active phone connection running and one in a meditation room.

Within one week they saw the effect of Wi-fi and Bluetooth on the growth of the sprouts — they turned yellow. Similarly, children grow but some shortcomings will be there with constant exposure. Even if a little shortcoming is there in the early years, it will become a larger shortcoming as they grow up. So, I think there is an effect of Wi-fi and television, and even more is the effect due to disturbances in the circadian rhythm…

Now you have understood what the artificial radiations can do to the natural beings, be it plants or animals.

Read the full interview at where he explains how meditation helps increase sensitivity towards natural things.

These devices occupied our lives and it came to a stage where things won’t happen without them. However, there are ways to minimise their use, which when inculcated in your daily life, significantly reduce your exposure to these radiations.

  1. Put your mobile phone in airplane mode before sleeping because you keep it above your head while sleeping. You can also put it so while listening classes also, as anyways you aren’t gonna use it. And you’ll not get disturbed by notifications.
  2. Avoid using Bluetooth sound systems. Try switching to wired things only.
  3. Switch your Wi-fi router on only when you want to use it. Rest of the time, switch it off.
  4. Avoiding constantly connecting your watch to your mobile all the time. Connect it only when needed.
  5. Some people have Bluetooth always enabled in their laptops because they forget to switch it off and they don’t care it. Check if you too do the same thing. And switch it off when not required.
  6. Avoid using laptops and mobile phones in your lap. This effects the reproductive system. ‘Lap’ in laptop means it. But its not to be done so.
  7. Don’t depend too much on your home automation. You could melt some fats doing things on your own.

Most people don’t know the harm they’re doing to themselves with the basic things they’re doing. And I wanted to change their minds and help them. Hope you’ll inculcate good measures while interacting with smart devices and stay healthy. Thanks for reading!

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