How life changes after you quit social networking

We live in a world of technology. We always carry our mobile phones wherever we go. We are constantly updated with the latest news, gadgets, apps etc… And that’s good. Gaining general knowledge about the contemporary world, staying in touch with our friends, family and colleagues even when they’re not around, is good.

But we find people getting obsessed with the latest gadgets, games, memes and many other things. And I would like to mention some of the most obsessive things. Those are the Social networking apps like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat.

We find these in almost every teenager’s phone. And we find people checking their news feed every now and then. I see them checking in lifts, waiting halls, while sleeping in bed, in gyms, and in bathrooms too!

I’m not gonna mention any statistics in this article right now. I shall mention only what I know by my personal experiences with people.

I know scrolling through memes, news feed, going through snaps, watching statuses, seeing pictures of our favourite celebrities, models are quite addictive because they are attractive and are meant to be so.

But this needs to be controlled!!! I often find people checking statuses every now and then when they have no work to do and they’re idle. They refresh their news feed even they’ve been in Instagram for the past one hour… They go to YouTube scroll, scroll, scroll endlessly till they find their favourite video. Watch that for ten minutes and we know YouTube’s algorithm has been developed using machine learning with a great amount of hard work. And it suggests a video better than our friend suggests us. They know which videos we would like to watch and which we do not.

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YouTube is not a non-profit organisation. It provides us with a great amount of information which is just a single click away. But at the same time, he makes it so addictive that people sometimes are unable to know when to quit and end up watching YouTube for 5 hours straight! It is only because he needs money. He generates revenue through the ads which annoy you when you start seeing videos. You can watch YouTube, gain knowledge, but not at the cost of wasting your valuable time, not at the cost of your eye strain, not at the cost of your exam tomorrow.

Scientifically speaking, every time you hear a notification sound on your phone, your body secretes a hormone called “Cortisol”, which is responsible for your anxiety. It is only due to that you think “What would it be?”, “Who has messaged me?” and you can’t stay stable. And you immediately check what the notification is. And, Bravo!

That is the problem with the generation today. They can’t stay without mobile phones even for a few minutes. They need to be constantly checking their feed as if someone is offering them a lottery. The boon and the curse the human mind has is — It wants dopamine, in whichever way it can. It is a hormone. Dopamine gives the motivation and happiness a person needs.

It can be obtained EASILY by misusing the internet, alcohol, cigarette, drugs, scrolling through social networking sites, playing video games etc…

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We can also obtain dopamine by scoring a good rank in our exams and things like that. Briefly, by getting the fruit after a great toil. But the mind prefers the easiest way. Our mind tends to want more and more dopamine. The quantity that got released the previous time is never enough for the mind to get the same happiness this time. So, we tend to spend more time on the thing which releases the hormone. In fact, we’re addicted to the hormone and in turn, we’re addicted to the thing or work by which the hormone releases.

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In Instagram, we find photos of our friends, celebrities and models. And we would also like to put our photos when we go to a wonderful place or when we wear a good costume or when we meet a person. I often find people having discomfort seeing their friends’ pictures in which they are enjoying. These make them feel that they’re not enjoying their life till the extent their friends are enjoying, or they’re not as happy as much as their friends are. This creates low self-esteem in them. Who knows? The person on the other side of the photo may not be really happy. Many times, people pretend to be happy in their photos because their friends too do the same in their own photos. There’s a constant competition to look beautiful, handsome, or stylish in the photos.

Photo obtained from Google Images from enca under Creative Commons License

People putting 😂 emoji doesn’t mean the other person is laughing till his stomach breaks. It is just an indication that he found your post funny or maybe he put it because you may feel bad knowing your joke is lame.

So, after writing all this long essay about my experiences with people and their social networking apps, I would like to challenge you to go one complete month without any social networking apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok etc… and all the apps you feel you waste your time with. Some apps like Whatsapp may be important for your professional life and you can have them.

I quit social networking as a new year resolution on 1st January 2019. And I never created the accounts again. I saw a video on the benefits of quitting social networking and the person, like me now, has challenged to go on a complete month without social networking. And he said we’ll definitely get benefited by the decision.

I just tried and literally I liked it. I liked it so much that I was ready to quit them forever. And so, I have been continuing without them till now and I can say I’m feeling happier. I am enjoying even little things now which didn’t seem enjoyable before. I feel a lot of inner happiness which I’ve understood is far more happier than external happiness. You don’t need any external thing to keep you happy. You and only yourself are enough to keep you happy.

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I feel inner beauty is more beautiful and permanent than external beauty. Not many people are remembered for their external beauty. They are forgotten as soon as they die, or as soon as they lose their beauty. But people like APJ Abdul Kalam would be remembered forever even after they die because they have beautiful hearts. And Swami Vivekananda too. His inner beauty and inner happiness radiate like anything through his body.

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Karthika devi srgm, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

You will find more time to do productive things. Scrolling five hours a day isn’t gonna help you. As students, we need to develop new skills, do good online courses, gain more knowledge, keep our body and mind healthy. And when you take up this challenge, you will get a vacancy in your routine and you will somehow manage to do something productive which contributes to your life later on. You will feel more successful and more comfortable about yourself and you’ll gain confidence about yourself.

Thank you, people, for reading my article. Hope I have done something to change your mind. This is Nikhil, signing off…

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University Student | NCC Cadet | Hobby Writer | Curious Experimenter | 🇮🇳

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