Final year B.Tech undergraduate. Cadet at National Cadet Corps, 🇮🇳. Meditator @ Heartfulness. Writes mostly on Tech, Self-Improvement & History.

Why is it too energy hungry?

skyline photography of nuclear plant cooling tower blowing smokes under white and orange sky at daytime
Photo by Frédéric Paulussen on Unsplash

For most people, Cryptocurrencies have just been mysterious black boxes of profits. Since last decade, people invested Billions of dollars on them and reaped huge returns.

However, most people have only invested.

They didn’t ponder over of how the virtual coins are actually created, and how they could create one…

Very far from what we aspire to make in a lifetime

standing man wearing white dress shirt and black dress pants
Photo by Ameer Basheer on Unsplash

When I sat down to write this article, I remembered a joke.

Why needn’t Bill Gates bend down to pick up a Dollar note he just slipped?

Because doing so just makes him look like a miser, as he’d already have made six figures by the time he picks up.
Also, does he get anything more significant than a pain on his back?

Well, Jeff…

Probably the most mysterious cat you’ll ever meet

Image by the author with pictures under CC license

Ever imagined a cat would survive bullets and bomb blasts in a battle and finally would get into someone’s good hands to lead a peaceful, Garfield-like life thereafter?

Yes, it did exist in history, but is much forgotten. Not a fiction, not a movie. …


Modern humans absolutely couldn’t

group of men standing in podium holding flowers
Photo by Simon Connellan on Unsplash

It feels as if the Tokyo Olympics have just ended yesterday. This is literally the first Olympics I’ve ever watched on TV. While 206 countries have participated, 90 of them have won at least one medal.

And while a couple of records are broken almost every Olympics, there exist few…

Nikhil Vemu

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